i have cockroaches in my restaurant


i have cockroaches in my restaurant, we have Heard this phrase a lot of times. Cockroaches in my Restaurant. Cockroaches in my bar. Cockroaches at sightline of my customers. I´m so tired wasting my Money  and i don´t see any solution.

If it´s familiar for you and you have a business, you need some profesional help. Help from a certified pest control company like TENEPLAGAS. We offer one year service from a responsable company. If you see cockroachs in your restaurant / bar, your pest control company isn´t doing a good job. We aply a shock treatment. This treatment consists of two fumigations within three weeks.

Most cockroaches are dead with this shock treatment, and pheromona traps do the rest then. we adapt to your schedules.. Cockroach step the product and kill every cockroach in the nest. It´s a tested and certified treatment against restaurant´s worst enemy.

i have cockroaches in my restaurant.

Call us and you can request quotation for the “one year whithout cockroaches” and the Certificate required by the Ministry of Health. We will solve the problem before 24/48h.

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Thank you for your time, and have a nice day

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